Committing to any type of exercise has always been very intimidating to me, but Adrea has changed my outlook and made it feel accessible rather than overwhelming. In the time I have been practicing yoga under Adrea’s guidance, I have already seen myself grow and achieve movement with my body of which I did not think I was capable. Her encouraging demeanor empowers you. I used to dread any type of exercise, but now I genuinely look forward to progressing in my yoga practice with Adrea.
— Brianna Rapp

I have no doubt Adrea will be successful in motivating her future students to practice yoga from the heart. She understands that the practice is much deeper than postures, it’s potential to usher happiness in one’s life and let us truly begin to examine the purpose of this life.
— Rebecca Fink, Lead Trainer of Deeper Than Asana Yoga Teacher School

Adrea is a wonderful soul. Her commitment to the ancient wisdom of yoga is unwavering. She has a complete understanding of the 8 limbs and incorporates them into who she is. Her asana teaching is well thought out and executed with informative cues, proper alignment, and a warm spirit. I always feel rejuvenated mentally and physically after Adrea’s classes.
— Whitney LaMonda