Whenever I am doing yoga outside, whether it's just me, or me and a client, small kids come up and ask what I'm doing. I tell them I'm doing yoga and then they immediately tell me with me a smile, that they want to do it too. They tell me they will be right back as they run off to ask their parents if they can do yoga. Usually they come back and tell me that their parents said not right now and I smile and say, "maybe another time". 

Their openness and enthusiasm inspired me to want to teach the little ones yoga as well. And then I learned more about the benefits of yoga for kids and I was blown away! Did you know that children who practice yoga have higher grades in school? They learn better focus, have reduced stress levels, higher self-confidence, and the ability to not let bullying bother them. They are also less likely to suffer from obesity and other health problems.

So I studied and trained and became certified to teach kids yoga from the Rainbow Kids Yoga Training program located in Long Beach, CA. Rainbow Kids Yoga believes FUN is the number one rule in a kids yoga class and incorporates both solo and partner poses, yoga games, breathing, meditation, and visualization. It's both interactive and social, and is all about connections. We move together and co-create the class in a safe-for-everyone space. 

Rainbow Kids Yoga Training is the largest and most well regarded Kids Yoga Teacher Training in the world! 

This is my Meddy Teddy, who goes by the name of Bodhi Bear. He is my favorite tool to use to help teach yoga and mindfulness to kids. He makes yoga, meditation, and mindfulness cool and fun.

Bodhi Bear is fully posable with an internal frame that allows him to bend into lots of yoga positions creating a memorable way to demonstrate yoga poses to my littlest yogis. 

Meddy loves to meditate in Easy Pose or Butterfly Pose and he always wears his Bodhi Bliss mala.