Public & Private Classes 


Schedule of Group Classes

My current teaching schedule:
Friday 5:45-6:45pm Strength Yoga at Sender One Climbing Yoga 
Sunday 10-11am Level 1/2 at Sender One Climbing Yoga 

What to expect and how to prepare for a Group Yoga Class.

Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

• Private Yoga Sessions allow me to focus entirely on you and your needs. When planning out your sessions, I take into account; your personal yoga goals, your fitness level, your strengths and flexibility range, and any previous injuries or health conditions.

• Unlike in a regular yoga class, I can alter your sequence on the fly, so-to-speak, changing it up and making adjustments to it based on what I am seeing from you during our session.

• In a private session, if you are comfortable with hands-on adjustments, we can work on fine-tuning your poses with hands-on physical changes in each pose.

• If you feel intimidated or shy about taking your first group yoga class, a private session or two can go a long way towards making you feel more confident and better prepared to make you more comfortable to join a group setting.  

How to Prepare for your first private yoga session

• Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. I recommend you wear form-fitted clothing, this helps to see your body and be able to tell if it’s correctly aligned. A consideration for women: some poses will cause a loose fitted shirt to slip down and expose parts of your torso, a fitted top will keep that from happening. No shoes are worn in yoga.

• Please bring your own yoga mat if possible.

• Also please bring if you are able to, a small hand towel and a bottle of water.

• Please fill out this Yoga Release Statement and bring it with you to the first session.