Adrea has been a graphic designer for more than 10 years. She graduated from Chapman University in 2004 with a B.A. in Art History and then interned at the LA County Museum of Arts (LACMA) in their collections department, which manages the art collections at the museum. While she loved being in the museum surrounded by all those amazing works of art, she decided she wanted to go into a field that let her be creative on a daily basis and shifted her focus to graphic design. She currently holds the title of Senior Graphic Designer for a corporation that manufactures sporting goods in Huntington Beach, CA. Adrea has also done freelance work for many different industries including action sports, beauty, glamour photography, home decor, wine consulting, tourism, modeling and art prints, and of course - yoga. Below is a sprinkling of work she has done specifically in the yoga industry and of course everything you see for her own brand was created by her as well. She would love to talk to you about collaborating on your graphic design and branding needs as well! 

Design & Branding for OC Yogis CARE project

Adrea designed and created the website for OC Yogis CARE project using Squarespace templates and hosting. She is a member of Squarespace Circle - a special membership for select Creative Professionals.


Each month the OC Yogis CARE project hosts a benefit event to raise funds for a charity. This is the February postcard that Adrea designed to advertise the event for that month. 

The March 2017 OCYCP event to be held at Spectra Yoga. This is the front side of the promotional postcard that Adrea designed.

The front-side of the promotional postcard that Adrea designed for the May OCYCP Yoga Benefit.


The OC Yogis CARE project logo was designed and illustrated by Adrea. She provided the members with 6 concepts to choose from. The logo is in 2 shades of blue blended together to create a gradient.

This is the backside of the postcard that Adrea designed for the February event.


The April OCYCP event to be held at Yoga Tribe. This is the front side of the promotional postcard that Adrea designed.

The back-side of the OCYCP May Benefit, designed by Adrea.

Design & Branding for 8 Deep Yoga

Adrea created the 8 Deep Yoga logo and website in the Fall of 2015 and maintained the website until Spring of 2017.

Adrea designed and created the 8 Deep Yoga website using Squarespace. She also still manages the back-end content for the company.

The 8 Deep Deeper Than Asana logo was the vision of the founder of 8 Deep Yoga and Adrea illustrated it for her.

An example of a contact page that Adrea created for 8 Deep Yoga.



Design & Branding for Adrea Reed

Adrea designed and manages her own website using Squarespace for the hosting.

Blackbird Healing Yoga is a brand of Adrea's that focuses on helping Yoga Studios and Teachers learn how to incorporate trauma-sensitive healing into their regular yoga classes. She has a special fondness for the design she created for this logo.

Adrea designed her own business card for her yoga business. This is the front side.

Adrea designed her logo to combine two of her favorite things - the lotus flower and the various shades of blue in the ocean she lives by.



Bodhi Bliss is another logo designed by Adrea for her products - she designs and sells malas and other yoga related products. 


The back side of Adrea's self-designed business cards.