Ready. Steady. Go.

Hi everyone! My name is Adrea and I like yoga. A lot. So much so that just practicing asana (the poses) wasn't enough for me - I needed more. So I enrolled in a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course called Deeper Than Asana based in Tustin, CA.

When I enrolled, I didn't really have plans to become a yoga teacher. I just wanted to learn more about yoga. When we take yoga classes we learn how to do some of the asanas/poses. Maybe we occasionally take a class that leads a group Om or starts and ends with a chant. The teacher probably tries to incorporate a yoga sutra or two when she or he can but without overwhelming you - sometimes it's so subtle you don't even know that they are giving you a bit of philosophy. 

But in yoga teacher training you get the opportunity to learn a lot more! Yoga is an eight-limbed path and the asanas/poses are only one of those limbs. In a yoga training program you will get a chance to learn even more asanas/poses and to learn how to do them better. Most of the programs will also teach you about anatomy. Some programs will delve into yoga philosophy and history. You might even get some Pranayama/Breathing and Meditation. The program I chose taught all of these things, plus how to teach yoga to others, how to adjust students, and how to sequence a class. It was a very thorough program!

And somewhere about halfway into the program, I realized something. I wanted to teach yoga! And I was really excited about it. It was a great time to realize it because then I got to approach the rest of the program with the thought that I would be utilizing these new skills to help others with their yoga.

So now here I am with my shiny new certification to teach yoga and lots of big plans and dreams. 

This summer I will also be training to teach Yin Yoga, and Trauma Yoga. I'm looking for a good kids yoga training program as well. So if anybody knows of one in the SoCal area, let me know! 

My site is a work in progress because not all dreams can be fulfilled at once. So keep an eye out for new things coming, hopefully, very soon!